2015 NFL Playoff Tickets & Schedule

2015 NFL Playoff Ticket Information

What are the NFL playoff ticket prices?

The price of tickets for the NFL playoff games will depend on several factors. Generally the resell ticket price will increase as the team moves forward in the playoffs. NFL Championship game tickets will cost more than the Divisional playoff game and those will usually be priced higher than the Wild Card games. If you have a match up with the two top NFL teams, the price may go even higher.

When is the best time to buy NFL playoff tickets?

The biggest change in NFL ticket prices will usually occur when the playoff games are clinched for a particular team. This can be before the opponents are decided, but the price will often go up at this time. After that it will depend on their frequency in the teams in the playoffs in recent years and the opponent they play against. You can bookmark the NFL playoff page and check daily for price fluctuations and ticket availability. If fans are buying the NFL playoff tickets in great numbers, then the price may go up. On the other hand if there is a short period of time before the NFL playoff game and a lot of tickets are still available, then the ticket price may come down.

Where do the tickets for the NFL playoff games come from?

Preferred Seating Inc. has been buying and selling NFL playoff tickets since 1987 primarily from season ticket holders. That's why we can guarantee all of our tickets for the NFL playoff series are genuine and will be the exact seat location that was chosen by the fan.

How will I get my NFL playoff tickets after I have purchase them?

Our NFL playoff tickets are usually shipped by Federal Express for the safest method of delivery. Some of our NFL tickets can be emailed for no additional cost. If you buy NFL game tickets and there is not enough time to ship the tickets, they may be emailed, left at the stadium will call window or they may be able to be picked up a ticket office near the stadium. Please call us at 800 427-3914 if you have any questions.