Reseller tickets may be sold above or below face value

100% Guarantee - Confidence - Security - Reliability

Preferred Seating has backed every order since 1987 with our 100% Guarantee that you will receive authentic tickets, exactly what you ordered, delivered on time and your personal information and transaction is secure and never shared with anyone.

100% Confidence

Customers can rest assured that tickets purchase through Preferred Seating are 100% authentic and come from industry sources that we have worked with for as long as 26 years. Preferred Seating takes the worry out of ticket buying and we back our guarantee up with our long time relationship with the Better Business Bureau and our A record.

100% Secure Transaction

Preferred Seating believes customers personal information should be kept private and secure. At we employ the highest industry standards for secure customer transactions online with up-to-date firewall software and hardware. Customer information is never shared with any third party and we don't store credit card information on our servers.

100% Reliability

No company has a perfect record but at Preferred Seating we strive for just that. Customers have counted on Preferred Seating's reliability to deliver exactly what they ordered, in time for the event since 1987. Our customer service is second to none and we give honest answers to any ticket related questions.